Striped garden spider

Females are uniformly light-colored, except for a pair of red stripes extending halfway back from the front of the abdomen. In the center of it, she lays a dense, silk zigzag pattern, known as a stabilimentum. Venom toxicity - the Black Widow Spider can inflict a painful bite which can be fatal, especially to the young and elderly. They either actively pursue prey or they wait for prey to wander or fly within their reach. They are both sit-and-wait predators, but may also stalk their prey like a cat.
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If you see this, it must be fall: Black and yellow Garden Spiders

The spider is typically medium brown with a lighter midline and edge striping on the cephalothorax. It is found in a number of genera, but Argiope, which includes the common garden spider of Europe as well as the yellow and banded garden spiders of North America, is a prime example. Electric lights attract their prey - moths, flies, mosquitoes and other insects. The female Garden Orb Weaver lays her eggs in late summer to autumn. They do this by first rolling the silken threads of their web into a ball, and then eating the silk. Up to one inch 25 mm in diameter, each sac may hold from to more than a thousand eggs. Species : Argiope aurantia.
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Banded Garden Spider

Females continue to spin webs after maturing into an adult, but males typically do not. Grayed-out selections indicate that the subject in question has not been reported in that particular territory. Males mate with females by grabbing hold of one of her legs and waiting until she stops struggling. Argiope argentata Silver Garden Spider. NOTE: Unlike insects, spiders have both an endoskeleton internal and exoskeleton external. The wasps land on the web, lure the spider to the perimetre by imitating a struggling insects vibrations and then carry the spider away to be paralysed and stored as live food for their young.
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Andrew's Cross Spider. Predators of orb weavers include several bird species and wasps of the family Sphecidae. Males are distinctively different from females in that they have two large palpi mouth parts that look like boxing gloves. Its eight eyes are arranged in a trapezoid pattern. Habitat - These spiders are often called grass spiders because they construct their webs in tall grass, heavy ground cover and the branches of thick shrubs. I have bad news for you if spiders freak you out: Michigan definitely has its share of the many-legged crawlers.
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